Clora helps life science consultants connect with the right opportunities that meet your skills, experience, and preferences. We do this by leveraging our internal life science experts and our machine learning matching algorithms to create a solution like no other in the market. We increase consultants earning potential by letting you set your own rates and doing the marketing for your consulting business, for you.

What Clora can do for you:

  • Create an industry-specific profile: Add your unique skill set & experience, as well as the preferences for what type of work you want to do next.

  • Set your own rate: Clora lets you set your own rates, and negotiates on your behalf. We don’t take a cut of what you earn. Employers pay us directly.

  • Get paid easy & fast: You can invoice directly through Clora. We pay you fast and handle all of the paperwork with employers so you don’t have to.

  • Refer colleagues: We know that top consultants like you have a vast network of other colleagues who could be great for Clora. When you refer a colleague, and they get matched to a project, you can earn up to $500 per referral.

Who is Clora for Consultants for?

Clora is for life science consultants who want the freedom and flexibility to control their career. We are best for consultants who would rather spend their time honing their skills and driving results, than marketing themselves and trying to manage their consulting business.

We work with life science companies throughout many stages of their pipeline. From early R&D to commercialization. This means that if you are a life science consultant who works in any stage of development, we have projects that meet your skills.

What sets us apart?

Unlike recruiting agencies and the disparate networking platforms, we are focused on championing your specific skills. Our unique blend of technology + industry expertise gives us the ability to find you just the right work at just the right time, so you can spend less time searching and more time earning money.

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