We've compiled some of the commonly asked questions hiring managers have asked about the Ratings & Reviews that can be found on Clora's Self-Service Platform. If you have any questions not captured here, please enter your questions directly through our support chat or email us at support@clora.com.

How are ratings and reviews collected?

Ratings & Reviews are collected through the Clora Platform from the hiring manager immediately following the close of the consultant’s project with that company.

Who provides these ratings and reviews?

Ratings & Reviews come directly from past hiring managers who have worked with the consultant in a specific project capacity.

Can more than one Hiring Manager submit a rating & review?

No, only 1 hiring manager can submit a rating & review, but it can include reviews from multiple team members.

What questions are asked?

Ratings & Reviews reflect a consultant’s performance for a specific project.


The overall rating is a cumulative average of the rating by category.

We provide a public-facing text review, which would render on a consultant’s profile, and a private review, which is only visible to Clora internally.

Both of these open-ended fields are optional but highly encouraged.

How are ratings and reviews screened?

Clora will internally review Hiring Manager feedback where Clora will redact any Personal Identifiable Information (yours or the consultant’s) and moderate for any inappropriate bias and relevancy. We will reach out to hiring managers via email if there are any major issues that would prevent us from publishing a review.

The consultant has 3 business days to review and dispute any feedback. If a consultant would like to dispute and Clora has determined that the reason is appropriate per our policy, Clora will inform all parties and begin an arbitration process. All parties will be informed of the decision.

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