Clora is here to help make finding your next gig easy & fast. Here is how our service works.

  • Join for Free: Clora is completely free to use for consultants. We charge employers to work with us.

  • Create a Profile: Add your unique skill set & experience, as well as the preferences for what type of work you want to do next. Keeping it specific & up to date is the best way for our technology to find you the best matches, fast.

  • Sit Back & Relax: When Clora finds an opportunity that is right for you, we reach out to you to gauge your availability & interest.

  • Create Proposals: If you are interested in an opportunity you can then create a proposal that is sent to the employer. This proposal allows you to give specific details regarding how you can leverage your skills & experience to drive results for the company.

  • Clora Coordinates for You: ¬†We help facilitate everything from the introduction with the employer, coordinating interview times, negotiations and signing agreements between both parties.

  • Get Paid: We have a simple invoicing system that allows you to invoice directly through us. You get paid quickly, without having to go back and forth with employers. We handle that for you.

We want to help you become the best consultant you can be. If you have feedback on our product & service, please reach out to us at

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