Login and directly go to the new Self-Service Platform.

Once you have narrowed down your top candidates, you can kick off the next steps by clicking Request Proposal from the consultant’s profile or from within the search results listing.

If you have already created a project on Clora’s Self-Service Platform that is related to your current need, you can select the project from the dropdown and invite the consultant to create a proposal for it OR click Create a new project if this is for a new need.

If you do not have a project in pipeline already, we will first collect some basic information about your need to ensure that the consultant has enough information to make an informed decision.


Availability + Budget

TIP - Make sure to add a detailed description, responsibilities, and a budget range to ensure that the consultant has enough information to make a prompt decision.

Once you’ve finalized, click Send to immediately alert the consultant. This does go directly to the consultant; Clora representatives will not review or edit your project.

Consultants will have a few options:

  • Accept your invitation -> The consultant will create and submit a proposal directly to you

  • Ask a question -> An assigned Clora representative will be in touch via email to get the consultant’s question answered promptly

  • Decline your invitation -> Your dedicated account executive will be in touch with you to confirm if you need any assistance searching for additional candidates.

Our recommended response time for consultants will be 1 business day, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox!

If there are any delays, your dedicated Account Executive will be in touch.

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