Login and directly go to the new Self-Service Platform.

Clora’s Self-Service Platform can help you directly connect with the right Clinical Operations consultant. If you’re looking for a consultant in a different functional area, simply reach out to us OR post your need.

Other functional areas will be released based on customer demand and feedback. We will notify you as we expand into each new functional area.

To kick things off, you can take advantage of various combinations filters:

  1. By Role - Single-select

  2. By Therapeutic Area - Multi-select

  3. By Product Technology - Multi-select

  4. By Disease/Indication - Multi-select

  5. By Industry - Multi-select

  6. By Phase of Development - Multi-select

  7. By Keyword(s) - Free Text

  8. By Years of Experience - Slider Range

  9. By Seniority Level - Multi-select

  10. By Hourly Rate - Slider Range

  11. By Language - Single-select

If you’re having trouble fine-tuning your search, reach out to us for assistance OR simply start a standard project post.

As you set each filter, your results will update instantaneously.

Results will be ordered by best match based on the filters you have selected.

From within your results, you can browse each consultant profile and Save profiles to review more thoroughly.

Click into a profile to review more details including:

  1. Key Accomplishment

  2. Past Roles and Companies

  3. Technical Experience

  4. Education

  5. Certifications

  6. Languages

  7. Ratings & Reviews

Once you have narrowed down your top candidates, you can kick off the next steps by clicking Request Proposal from the consultant’s profile or from within the search results listing.

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